Reading Ebook

, by Aqessa Aninda

I know reading ebook isn't comfortable. I have several foreign novel in ebook formats (my ebook list here). Mostly in ePub type. ePub is the most comfortable format for reading in iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Android Tablet. Because you can set the font size, themes, etc.

If you're using iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod) you can use iBooks for reading ebook. It support PDF and ePub format. Here's the list of application for reading ebook on iOS device:

  • Use Kindle official application to read Mobi format
  • Use Sidebooks to read comic books in CBZ or CBR format
  • Use MangaStorm for reading manga comics. It took manga from some source like Mangafox or Mangahere etc

If you're using Android (tablet or phone) you can use:

  • Aldiko or Moon Reader to read in PDF and ePub format
  • Perfect Viewer to read CBZ / CBR format
  • Quick Manga to read Manga, also taken from Mangafox etc

If you're using PC, easiest to read ePub is using ePub add-ons in browser, Mozilla Firefox or Readium in Google Chrome

This is why epub can be more comfortable :)

But, buying books in store way much better than download and reading a real paper book also better than digital book.