Something Borrowed

  • Rachel is just average sweet woman who thinks she's never 'that hot' for Dex, who fell in love with Dex like crazy for years and never told him, who never could get Dex's code that he fell in love with her too.
  • So she accidentally told Dex that she fell in love with him. Turns out he told her that she was the only one he ever wanted in law school. And it was too late because he was gonna marry Rachel's narcist self-centred bossy bestfriend, Darcy.
  • Rachel got everything she ever wanted: Dex. That Dex seriously deeply in love with her. Like, come on, he didn't even sleep after make love with her, he watched her sleeping! With a look that every woman want to be looked at!
  • But Dex couldn't cancel the wedding, so they spent summer at Hamptons, then Rachel heard the sound of Dex and Darcy were having sex. :(
  • Meanwhile, Marcus tried to get Rachel, but please, Rachel was a smart woman, she would never interested with Marcus story about the little chipmunk, duh!
  • Darcy couldn't even write words for her wedding vow! Oh please. If you were really love him, it wasn't that hard, Darce! Then when Rachel tried to make it for her, she abandoned her to greet her fellas. Oh that bitch.
  • Ethan liked Rachel, because Rachel was like a home to him. Poor Ethan. :(
  • Darcy narcism was too much. Like, she was saying that "hot people get cheated" or told Ethan that he always liked her or told Rachel that Rachel had been jealous with her since she got into Notra Dame (well according to Ethan, she might not accepted that time because they never see the acceptance letter). She also hypocrite, told Rachel that it was the best time of her life and she was really happy after they decided not to talk anymore. With her red gloomy eyes, smiled, deep down she was upset because she lost her best friend.

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