Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

AttachmentsAttachments by Rainbow Rowell
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Attachments is the story when Lincoln, who works as IT Security suddenly read Beth's conversation email with Jennifer. And he falls in love. It's easy to love Beth just from her writings. She's smart, witty, and attractive. The things is... Lincoln never seen Beth before.
Beth had a jerk boyfriend. But she got crush on a guy who looked like young Harrison Ford. But she doesn't know who he was, what's his name.

Another Rainbow Rowell works that makes me smile in almost every pages. She makes the characters so real, so close with us. She's romantic, she knows how romantic good guy is!!! ;P. Beth and Jennifer's conversation sounds so real. Like they were around us. And this is the first time i know what's "meet cute" means, LOL. Again and again, Rainbow makes me fall in love with the guy character. I love Lincoln like I love Park and Levi!

The funny thing is, a few months ago my office building was having a fire drill (simulation). Then me and my friend were imagine if it's The Courier, Beth might be looking for her "cute guy", seeing him from distance. And Lincoln might be wondering how's Beth looked like, which one was "his Beth", maybe she was very very very close with him at the moment?

Okay, okay, thanks Rainbow. You made my mind messed up after reading this novel. :)))

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