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Aqessa Aninda is a writer. She writes computer code program on Mon-Fri from 8 to 5++ and writes young adult/romance fiction at night or early morning. Known as Fairywoodpaperink in other platform (Wattpad).

Saat ini bekerja sebagai IT Programmer Analyst di salah satu perusahaan asuransi di Jakarta. Aktif menulis blog sejak SMA dan aktif menulis di platform Wattpad sejak 2015. Blogging mempertemukan kedua kesenangannya, yaitu dunia teknologi informasi dan menulis.

Works & Projects:

  • Creative Director Fortomagz (majalah intern SMA 42 Jakarta)
  • Personal project KertasBuram (A part of me that try to write my feelings in other words and practice to write short story. Prepare your tea by reading this, works better in rainy day)
  • Personal project Fiscology (A personal project for taking life lesson from movies)
  • Cerita pendek "Hujan Tiga Detik" dalam kumpulan cerpen "Cinta Dalam Diam". Published by NulisBuku.com (2015)
  • Cerita pendek "It's Too Late" dalam kumpulan cerpen "Move On Come On". Published by NulisBuku.com (2015)
  • Novel "Secangkir Kopi dan Pencakar Langit" (Wattpad, 2015 & Elex Media Komputindo, 2016)
  • Novel "Past, Present, and Repeat" (Wattpad, 2015)
  • Novel "Runaway from You" (Wattpad, 2016)
  • Novel "Satu Ruang" ("Jejak Series #1", Wattpad, 2016 & Elex Media Komputindo, 2017)
  • Radioplay "Secangkir Kopi dan Pencakar Langit" di Motion FM (Voice over as Athaya Shara,  Story owner, by Motion FM, 2017, bit.ly/RadioplaySKdPLMotionFM)

Email : aqessa[at]gmail[dot]com
Instagram : @fairywoodpaperink
Twitter : @mungilo
Facebook page : facebook.com/fairywoodpaperink
Wattpad : @fairywoodpaperink
Line Official Account : @bmc4853g (don't forget to put the '@')
Role Player Fairywoodpaperink's characters : ask.fm/fairywoodpaperink
My story music playlist : bit.ly/spotifyaqessa or my YouTube channel here or 8tracks.com/aqessaninda 
Goodreads : goodreads.com/aqessaninda

Other Blog / Pages :
- Tumblr Photo Gallery 
- Tumblr Travel Journal

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