"A Love To Kill" korean drama

Today I watched korean drama at KBS, it was "A Love To Kill." Actually, I like Korean Drama or Japanese Dorama, but not addicted. Firstly, I didn't know and not interested with this film, but when I saw Rain played on there, I watched it. It was a story about a boy named Bokgu, he had a brother (Minku). His brother fell from a building because of girl reason (but I don't know what's the problem is), maybe Minku was fell in love with her. Bokgu wanted to revenge with this girl. But from the first time they met each other, Bokgu was fell in love too with the girl (Cha Ensuk). Rain, umm yeah his act always fascinating. But I'm not a fan of him hehe. Though I agree that he's hot :p.

I like korean drama more than sinetron (yaiyalahya). Though the story wasn't far from material, love, family (full drama) and we can guess what will happen next easily, but Korean acting much better from sinetron actress (yakan?). And for love story, I don't know why I like Asian than western. Western is good, I like some romantic drama such as P.S I Love You, A Lot Like Love, The Lake House, Sense and Sensibility, Atonement, Becoming Jane, A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, The Painted Veil, etc. They write the story really really romantic, and sometimes the tears could fell from our eyes. But western's scene, like kissing or hugs or maybe make love, I don't really like. Okay, it was totally romantic, tapi mereka menggambarkannya terlalu gamblang. Contohnya deh ya, pas kissing atau hug gitu yang lebih terasa adalah nafsunya. Bukan hangatnya. Then when you look at the asian, their kisses and hugs feels warm, and we can see the love each other without seeing the lust. And asian seldom making a make-out-scene. It makes the film totally about love without lust.

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