P.S: I Love You

From the previously post, I wanna write about P.S: I Love You. I know, it's last year movie. I do remember when the first time I watched this film, it was last year, I watched it with my auntie and uncle on Sunday. I have a new bf hihi (yay :p). And a few weeks ago, I watched it again with my friends at Yuti's. I love this movie, I love Ireland, I love Gerard Butler. Ireland makes the movie totally romantic!

Well, the story about the newlyweds, have no child. They lived in a small flat. Then 4 years later, the man was died. This story, tell us how the woman continues her life. It was really hard for her because she loves her husband very very much. After the funeral, she called her husband's cellphone just for listened his voice via mailbox. And this scene was really deep. After a month of his dead, he sent letters to her. Taught her how to continue her life without him. Then he sent her to his family in Ireland (his hometown) and she brought her fellas. She walked along the way when they were first met. The flash back time was really sweet. And also sweet Ireland. The letters was so lovely and funny. Well, we can learn something from here, when we lost someone that we loved, we still have our own life. We can keep those memories in our brain and heart, but we have to let new memories come. And of course new love too. Though it's really hard, but love will come and go. Just let it flow. Just let the time answer it.

Next week, it will be practice exams. So we don't have to wait the bell's ring for go home. I want to watch this film with R, hihi. Cause it's really lovely :)


  1. Anonymous8:37 AM

    aaaaaah belom nonton!

  2. ayo mba tara, cari dvdnya. bagus deh! ;)


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