Teen Vogue Fashion Photograph

Don't blame me for taking some pictures from www.teenvogue.com! I just love the photograph. It's really aweeeeeeessssoooooooomeeeee! (who's agree with me? raise your hand!). It's really a perfect mixture, the outfit, the syles, the make up, the hair style, the photoshoots location, the property, the models, the accessories and the photograph. I realize when I saw Teen Vogue March 2007, the photographs were totally awesome. The models are adorable (though I don't really like the boys hhe). Here's some photographs for their fashion page. Enjoy!

Not really romantic pictures, but I love the location and the blur. Isn't it great?

Well, I love the shoes. Teen Vogue always using cool outfit, and of course branded such as Marc Jacobs. I love Marc Jacob's shoes by the way.

I love this picture very very much! I don't know is it studio or a real nature, but it's cool. The dress is cute. I love her shoes and the boy's hat.

I want the dress, and the hat.

The girl was really cute, the clothes was totally unique, and of course the photograph was awesome. Perfect!

Oh I love the shoes!! And the girl's blouse too!

The shoes, please!

The girl's clothes are cute, her shoes...I really want it! Yeah dance like a dancing queen, having the time of your life.

More lovely shoes. And fascinating photograph. I love the tree! ;)

The girl's skirt and shoes, yeah I want it so bad.

I love the girl's outfit. Classic thingy.

They made the girl's face too white like a Japanese Geisha. This girl was really pretty!

Shoes, shoes, shoes again!

I want to make a dress like she wore! The dress, the boys, the pose, the photograph and the umbrella... aaarrgghhh it's COOL!

I love the photographer's way to take this picture

The girl's expression was really good

The dress, stocking, hair style, gloves, make up, models, boy's outfit, arrgghh it's totally fascinanting!!

Cute pose, and cute girl, huh?

This is the picture that I love the most! Do you see the outfits, their expression, and the way to take this photo? IT'S PERFECT!

Well, I like the boy than the girl :p

I love their clothes! Love the girl too, she's really cute! And I WANT HER SKIRT! I WANT IT SO BAD!!!! Her shoes too! Cute robots eh?

I want the girl on left's dress :D

I just can say, the photograph was AWESOME!

Look! The make up, the dress, the pose and property, this picture is just....perfect!

Taken from: Teen Vogue Websites
Published: 2007-2009
Location: Not sure, some in Japan some maybe in Europe

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