500 Days of Summer

I've just watched this movie. Since everyone in twitter (yes, #gengtwitter) talk it everyday.
Well, it's not a romantic story I think. It's an ordinary love story, between ordinary guy and woman. About falling in love and broken heart in 500 days. About believe that true love does exist and doesn't.
I just love this movie cause they drew the love story like the other love story. About coincidence and destiny. When we were fall in love, sometimes we felt like "Ah! he/she is my true love! I believe that we are soulmate!" but in fact, we never knew our soulmate, our true love. Cause we will never know what will happen tomorrow. Gah, you'd better watch it than listen my story! :p

And... Zooey, aaaah... I wish I as pretty and cute as her! :p. I f*cking love her brown hair, pale skin, eyes, nose, lips, dresses and shoes! There were many indie songs as the soundtrack, it sounds sweet :)

1 comment:

  1. i agree,she's cute
    n its a nice movie....
    i luv it bcoz it just simple story n can relate with every1


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