Elinor Dashwood

Do you know 'Sense and Sensibility'? Yes, it's a movie based on Jane Austen's novel (was published on 1811).

Elinor (Emma Thompson). Quite, suppresses her own strong emotions, so others think that she's indifferent, cold-hearted. She loves Edward but she doesn't show it to other people. Sometimes... I feel like, I have some similarity with Elinor.

No, I know I'm not a quite person hahaha. But I often suppress my emotion. And maybe people think that I'm indifferent or cold-hearted. Because I don't like people ask me, "What's wrong with you, dear?" I hate to answer that question. I don't like pretend to be a caring person. If I care, I don't like to show it. I more like doing something to help someone directly than showing an emotion. I don't like pretend that I'm fine either, I just don't like people ask me why. If I need suggestion, I will talk to someone by myself.

And if I fall in love with a guy, I often keep it by myself. Though, someday I will tell my friends so I can talk about my crush with them. But I don't like trying to make myself close to him. It's so not me. I'm a shy person. If I have a crush, I want him to see me like a normal person. I don't want he knows that I adore him. That's why I never have any boyfriend before. I used to like my bestfriend when I was junior high. But we're just a friend, till now. I'm not the kind of person who can easily make a friendship with boys (I have a lot of boy-friends, but only a few close boy-friends). There were boys who tried to close to me when I was junior & senior high, but I didn't feel the same way with them. So I refused them. I'm not the kind of person who think that 'having a boyfriend is a must'. I often keep my tears in front of people, my family or my boyfriend. But if I did, it will be like Elinor's cry scene on Sense and Sensibility.

Well, I more like using my sense like Elinor than sensibility. I more like something realistic and private. Because I have my own world.

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