The Little Rascals

Do you know "The Little Rascals" movie (1994)? Firstly, I watched this movie at national tv channel when I was a kid. Then I watched it again at HBO Family. I always love the kids! <3<3<3

The story is about the adventures of a group of neighborhood called "He-Man Women Haters Club". Spanky (Travis Tedford) is the president of the club. He is best friend of Alfalfa (Bug Hall) --a woman-lover--. Alfalfa fall in love with Darla (Britanny Ashton Holmes). Spanky and his team ruined their date (candle light lunch) at "He-Man Woman Haters" base camp. Then, the candle burn their base camp. When Alfalfa try to take Darla's heart back, their go-kart (called 'The Blur') is stolen by Butch and Woim. They make 'Blur 2: The Sequel' to win the race, so they can get 500$ to rebuild their clubhouse.

The "He-Man Woman Haters" crew

Buckwheat & Porky: 2 my favorite toddlers!

Alfalfa & Darla candle light lunch LOL. Darla says when Alfalfa gave her a ring, "Ooh... I love diamonds!" LMAO

Uh-Huh, sooooooo cuuutteeee

And I found the cast pictures! Here:

Travis Tedford (Spanky)

Bug Hall (Alfalfa) -- yes, he played at 'Get A Clue' with Lindsay Lohan and Brenda Song!

Brittany Ashton Holmes (Darla)

Blake McIver Ewing (Waldo) -- the rich kid who took Darla from Alfalfa.

Courtland Mead (Uh-Huh)

Zachary Mabry (Porky)

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