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Hey, its been a while!
What am I doing these days? Here, today I just wake up at 6 then I checked my Bakery Story, Fashion City, Tiny Tower and Snoopy's Fair. Damn, I'm a gamer now! (thanks to Steve Jobs that makes a very usefull device such as iPod Touch/iPhone and cool operating system with outstanding GUI). Now I'm sitting on my bed with my laptop on my thigh, listening to my friend's soundcloud (covering Dream A Little Dream Of Me song), writing blog like a writer (or like Meg Ryan on You've Got Mail).

Actually I have plenty things (the informative one, not the trashy one) to post. But I changed my broadband card and too bad, eventhough it's really fast for downloading, it's not good for uploading. So I can't upload some pictures, that's decrease my mood for blogging.
I also have plenty project to published, creative blogging and a photo project. But... yes, back to the story of my new internet broadband card. It will be a surprise on 2012 ;)

In the end of 2011, maybe this is the busiest year-end ever. I got a few college project to finished before and after new year. 5th semester means more resposibilities and less sleeping time. In this semester, I realize how much I love Windows OS. I was dying for Mac OS since 9th grades, but if I was using it right now it might makes me stressed out. No, I still love Apple, I always looovvveeeeee their GUI and their hardware component (but I hate the fact that all their device have to connected to iTunes everytime we want to synchronize the files. Well, thanks Papa Jobs for making Cloud computing --iCloud-- compatible in your devices!).
I got 3 lab in this semester. Operating System, Web Programming and Human-Computer Interaction. And 2 of them is like a hell. In OS lab, we're using OpenSuse (Linux), so I gotta use VMWare Player with Knoppix in it to practice and doing some homework (pssstt... I can use Leopard OS in VMWare, I'll write about it later). In Web Programming, we're using JSP as the programming laguange, Tomcatt for the server and Microsoft Access for databases. The worst thing, to connect Tomcatt to your computer you have to know your computer bit and blah...blah...blah.... everything must be connected to each other! ZZZZZZ. And for WebProg final project, we have to make a social network site like facebook. Yes, really...really...close to facebook. DAMN!!!
In this end of 2011, R is gonna have a BIG oral test too (aduh sidang itu bahasa inggrisnya apa yah hahaha) for his IS Minor Project. Aaaa I wish he'll have tons of luck that day!

In 2012 I have to be more productive. More short story and articles to send to some Magazine, more works, more learn, more coding (hell nooooo >.<), more creative blogging, more personal project. Next semester I will have an internship program, I might be work in my daddy's office or apply to R's mother's office. Just wish me luck!
For the first time I have "new year's wishes", I wish I will be more productive (and make money haha) and I wish my parents let me drive so it makes me easier to jump from place to place without spend much time to wait public transportation or standing in a bus that full with people. I don't hate using public transportation, I just hate to take public transportation when I got to bring laptop and raining. I'm only 30 something kilograms (you wanna scream right now when read this?), sometimes its just too heavy to carried for me. Doesn't mean I don't want to fight for it, it just... different when you were in college back then, mom dad. When you were in college, Jakarta's traffic wasn't like this and when you were in college, you don't have to bring laptop.
Well, 2012 gotta be MORE PRODUCTIVE! ;)

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