A Weekend Getaway To Jogjakarta

Last week I had a little holiday in the weekend with my office collagues to Jogjakarta. It was a very nice short trip! I never missed Borobudur Temple and Malioboro street everytime i visit Jogjakarta. But this trip is different. 

We were using night train Business Class when we were heading to Jogja.
The train wasn't that clean. :(

Breakfast with some meat in Soto Pak H. Sholeh.

Hahaha doesn't it scary?!!!

Another culinary time, lunch at Je Jamuran. Sooo delicious since i like mushroom!

First, I visit the Ullen Sentalu Museum in Kaliurang, the museum of royal treasure of Javanese. Actually the place is very nice with beautiful interior/exterior and very artsy. If you see the the front side, you will think what kind of place is this.. It's just like random woods and trees everywhere, truns out it's so beautiful. Also, there's a place that many little girls took traditional dance lesson. Too bad they forbid us to take picture. And because there's a lot of paintings and sculpture of Javanese royal family and God/Goddess from Javanese belief, the museum a little bit creepy.. hehehe. 

Me in front of the museum, feels like lost in the woods :P

Beautiful Batik store in Ullen Sentalu Museum

There's a lot of story how a price became a king, a king who chose his mother as the first lady, how some kings brought the glory days for Java, also a story that every king in Java have to make (at least) one traditional dance that represent the culture and the society of Java. 

Drank traditional drink (jamu). They said the drink makes us stay younger ;;)
But my favorite is the story of the lady that performed serimpi in Europe. She was a dream-lady for every guy because she's very pretty and talented. And since she's a part of royal family in Jogjakarta, she must be very classy that time. She dances beautifully, she danced in Europe and the gamelan music broadcasted through the radio, because there was no way to bring whole gamelan team accross the continent that time. She was married at age 30, the age that too old for marriage that time. And that was because she didn't agree with polygamy, that's why she didn't want to marry an aristrocrat (in that time, royal family used to have more than one mistress). She decided to marry a regular guy (I think he was a military guy) at age 30. She's still alive until now and lived in Bandung with her grandchildren. She's 80 something or 90 something now.

Ullen Sentalu's backyard
And my favorite painting is the painting of a mystic sacred dance that involved Ratu Pantai Selatan (The Queen of South Coast), Nyai Roro Kidul. The dance is like a story of mystic marriage. Because of that dance, the myth said that every king in Java used to married with Ratu Pantai Selatan. The dance was very mystic, with 9 dancers wearing Javanese marriage costume, nine represents nine lust and represent the compass heading (east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest, north, northeast), the dance can only be seen by some people (the royal family), and sometimes--they said--Ratu Pantai Selatan also dancing with the 9 women but only the King could see her. The painting was very coool! Ratu Pantai Selatan painted as a shadow. It was very artsy.
I also learn about batik philosophy, it was so cool. Now i'll be more picky everytime want to buy batik! LOL. Also a philosophy of Javanese marriage costume. The five black mark in the woman's head and five gold flower in the hair represent five pray times in Islam / five terms of being Moslem. That a woman should have faith and religious as a wife and a mother. The one mark in forehead, that means one eye to focus on her husband. The eyebrows that drawed like a deer's horn means a woman should energetic and active like deer. The three layers necklace of dragon means a woman should be strong and help her husband to get a glory. What a hard job being a wife! Hahahaha.

Prambanan temple as background.. Love it!

With the dancers (Rama, Shinta, Laksmana, Shinta's guardians)

At night, I watched the traditional ballet dance 'Ramayana' (an epic story from Mahabarata) in Prambanan. It was SOOOO COOOOOLLLL! Many people said it was boring, but I was curious how they danced it since I knew the story of Rama-Shinta. The best thing is, it was full moon, so they did outdoor performance with Prambanan Temple as the background. It was so cool and romantic. And it was raining! Hahahaha, they prepared well and gave us umbrella. I am not a person who understand with the philosophy of some dance moves, but I can feel it in my heart (well, in some segment i almost got sleep too!). Rama's and Laksmana's feet moved beautifully. 

The Hanuman was arrested by Rahwana, and Rahwana planned to kill him by burning him!

The Hanuman rise from the fire and burned Rahwana's land.

I love the part when Rama hunted the deer, and the deer danced by a woman with bells in her feet. The dance moves was like so seductive, like represented a deer. Fast, tempting, seductive, but when you tried to catched deer, they would quickly run. 
And my favorite part was when The Hanuman arrested by the Giant Rahwana and they burned him, but fire just made him stronger. The dancer danced energetically and jump accross the fire then burnt the hay. It was epic!

Rama & Laksmana successfully killed Rahwana

Shinta after being saved by the God of Fire to proved that she was saint
Finally Rama met Shinta and belived that Shinta was saint.

The couple finally reunited

And finally Rama met Shinta, but he didn't trust Shinta. He thought Shinta was no longer saint after being captured by Rahwana. The dance moves was really represent Rama's doubt but he still loves Shinta but he was angry that he couldn't trust her. So he asked Shinta to burn herself in the fire, if she was saint, she would not be die. And Shinta burned herself to the fire and saved by The God of Fire, that proved that she was saint. And then they got closer, like two people that had been seperated for long long time, they missed each other, then they met again and they still love each other. It was epic. It was beautiful.

Thanks Dishub and PT KAI, the train provides the electricity so I charge my gadget.

Turns out the economy class is better than the business class

Killing time with playing cards. God of gamblers! xD

Bring Uno Cards for your trip is a must!

Hello, Mr Farmer!

My friend got punished after loosing in Uno game

The kindergarten painting was reaaaal

Told you, it was a very nice trip with train, green scenery, rain falls, and books!

Beautiful scenery!!!

Since we were using economy class with air conditioner train, the train usually stop in (almost) every station. I love the trip! I could see many beautiful scenery of rice field, river, hills, and then stop for awhile just to feel the air and the breeze! And the best thing was... the rain was fall that day. Train, rain, green scenery, how can't i sleep during the trip! 

It was my best weekend getaway. :)

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