Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & ParkEleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
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This is a story of two ordinary people that fell in love, knowing that high school sweetheart won't last forever but doesn't mean the love wasn't true. Eleanor met Park in the school bus, that was the first time Park saved her life, and Park kept saving her life through high school. They started getting closer since they read X-Men comics together, Park gave his comics and his mixtape of The Smiths song later to Eleanor. Park wasn't her boyfriend, he was a champion.

This is not that kind of high school love story. But this is so high school (or even maybe Junior high!). It was so high school, when you fall in love with someone just because you have incommon with her/him, and you hold her/him for the first time and feels like magic. The relationship between Park and Eleanor was so sweet and super cute. Park got my heart. I'm falling in love with him too like crazy. He was so kind and funny and cool!

Rainbow makes small simple gesture sounds so cute and romantic. She makes words of "I like you" or holding hand and a kiss sounds too special. If my heart was a machine, the way Rainbow write something is like a trigger to turn on the trigger to move my heart. I can feel it when Eleanor couldn't believe that there was a boy that loved her..like crazy. Because people like Eleanor..like Cath (from another Rainbow Rowell's novel, Fangirl).. like me.. thought that we have weird/crazy personality that people will get tired of us. Eleanor & Park makes me believe that.. there will be someone, someone out there, unexpectedly, will love you. Just the way you are. And you will love him too just the way he is. It's quite romantic because it seems so real and doesn't sound romantic. Eleanor and Park is a book that left a big mark in my heart. Sounds like a great book, huh?

I think this is one of must-read YA novel for all teens. Because there's something more than just party and perfect high school jocks.

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