Flipped (Novel) - Wendelin Van Draanen

FlippedFlipped by Wendelin Van Draanen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Flipped was a puppy love story between Juli Baker and Bryce Loski. Juli was crazy over Bryce, Bryce hated it (at first). Until he saw Juli more than just 'plain Juli'. He was flipped. Van Draanen made it from two point of views, Bryce and Juli, and it was fascinating. We knew what boy and girl thought.

I like a puppy love story. It's always cute, innocent, and funny. When i read Flipped, I felt like... every girl was ever been in Juli Baker position. I felt she was me when I was 8/9 grade. Crazy in (first) love, shy, and annoying. It was more than a puppy love story, it was warmhearted family story and building a character. I like Juli, she was smart and kind. In Juli part, we could see the way Van Draanen drove Juli from the annoying Juli to be Juli who did all good things after Bryce did horrible things to her. And she drove Bryce from an awful judgemental young man to be the boy who could see good things from people. I think this is a nice book to young adult to see some good things.

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