My Characters Are Real? ... Or?

It started when people asked me, whether the characters in my novels are real or not. And then I read somewhere someone said that this character is my friend who usually appears in my Instagram story, and that character is my other friend. LOL. So one night, I tweeted something :

So, let's talk about my characters.

First of all, let's talk about Athaya Shara. Some people think that I am Athaya Shara just because she had similar profession with me (LOL!). Actually, I am not as tough as Athaya Shara. Also, I am not an easy going person like Athaya. The only similarity we had is our profession and hobbies. When I was writing "Secangkir Kopi dan Pencakar Langit", I wanted to make a story about people who work in Information Technology. Of course I choose the leading lady as IT System Analyst. I picked System Analyst because I wanted to tell people what it is. I wanted people to know that IT is more than just computer networking and computer hardware. I wanted to show people how it's like being a female programmer. I made Athaya as IT SA because I want to talk about IT, not because I want to create someone who represent myself in a novel. Her character represented how it's like being a female IT person, an employee, a daughter, a regular woman.

While Satrya and Ghilman are totally imaginary boyfriends (LOL). I mean like, I really like a nice, gorgeous, nerdy-look guy like Satrya. I don't think I could find one, he was almost perfect hahaha. And of course, I also like a charismatic gentleman like Ghilman. I think there are 'Ghilman' in our real world. But he's probably not good-looking. I found many guys who doesn't look gorgeous, but they're 'cool in their own way'. I also found some guy who has his own version of 'husband material'. So that's why I created those imaginary boyfriends.

Let's talk about the rest of Geng Fogging. Some of you maybe follow my personal Instagram account where I usually post IG story of my office-mate, my friends from my neighbourhood. The first time I created Radhi's character, I want to make a 'joker' in the group. Radhi will represent all my 'joker' friends in office (including the Om-Oms) and neighbourhood. Yes, I have a friend who has similar name with Radhi. Honestly, when it comes to Radhian's name, I was thinking about my friend's name because I like it hehehe. It's really unexpected that they have similar personality as well. But actually, Radhi and Ganesh are the combination of all my guy friends. Not exactly from each person.

You probably have read my story "Red Cherry" in Wattpad. And yes, almost all of the female characters are based on my real life friends. Because the story was made to 'bully' my friend because she's so funny when we talk about boys hehehehe. But ... eventhough Nadiana is based on real person, not all of her entire behaviour are same like the real person itself.

For you who follow my personal Instagram, you probably know the infamous friend of mine who had that annoying mustache just like Ijal (Red Cherry) hahahaha. Yes, I created Ijal's mustache is based on him because I just think that it's very funny. But that's all. Ijal's character is the combination of 3-4 people. His annoying behaviour to Nadiana is based on other person. His manner is created by myself.

To be honest, I never created characters (especially male characters) based on a real person. Except Raeshangga (Past Present Repeat). Past Present Repeat is another story. It's like a personal album of mine that will be put to eternity.

So that's all. But at least, that means I have succeed to drag my readers into my imagination world hehehe.

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